Viscous Fillers



Patents Pending
Rotary piston filler that is ideal for filling yoghurt, oils, sauces and high viscosity product.

This design is revolutionary in the sense that the typical cam that drives the pistons is done away with and pistons are now electronically and individually actuated, opening up a plethora of new possibilities.

  • The filling profile can be tailored to the specific product
  • Air can be purged from the pistons (at startup or product change) with the machine stationary and without discharging any product, drastically reducing product and container waste
  • Since the pistons are not cam bound, charging the pistons with product can be done at higher than filling speed, increasing the output speed of the machine.
  • Samples can be drawn from each piston without the machine rotating
  • No components have to be removed for CIP
  • Can be fitted with 6 to 16 pistons
  • Fitted as standard with 2 litre pistons. Pistons can be double-stroked for larger filling volumes
  • Unique piston seal designed for cleanability
  • All drive electronics housed in a sealed and humidity controlled cabinet
  • Motorised capping allowing optimal capping speed for each cap thread
  • Magnetic capping head torque can be adjusted by sleek manual action with clear torque calibration - no tools required
  • Machine stops automatically when cap chute is empty
  • Drive mechanism is maintenance free and no chains are used
  • Line control on discharge conveyor stops machine when conveyor is full
  • Acrylic safety guarding all round
  • Drip tray all round machine base
  • Ergonomic design to allow easy access to operator controls
  • Small footprint
  • Under and over voltage protection
  • Machine is supplied CIP (Cleaning In Place) ready
  • Electronic jacking supplied as standard on machine
  • Machine Dimensions: 2330mm (L) X 1650mm (W) X 3200mm (H)


  • In-house design, manufactured and assembled
  • Easy cleanable
  • Foot pedal activation
  • Compressed air supply only — No electricity required
  • Product circulation pump optional to avoid forming of sediment
  • Volume adjustment by turning a knob with ruler indicator
  • Machine Dimensions: 700mm (L) X 600mm (W) X 1700mm (H)