Slat chain conveyors, air conveyors, tilting conveyor and custom conveyors

Slat chain conveyors are very versatile and can be used when different container sizes and shapes are accommodated on the same production line. Canopies can be fitted to the conveyors to prevent contamination of the containers.

Air conveyors are used when empty bottles with the same neck size need to be conveyed, generally from bottle feed to the filling machine.

Tilting conveyor is used as part of a hot fill process, where the sterilization of the top of the bottle neck and cap are required. The bottle is tilted on its side so that the hot product comes in contact with the bottle neck and cap to sterilize it.

Custom conveyors can be designed and built according to customer requirements. Custom conveyors include incline, decline, roller, interlocking conveyors to name a few.