About Us

Filkraft represents a South African enterprise engaged in the production of packaging and processing equipment. Our focus lies in the adept handling of project management, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance pertaining to both individual machines and comprehensive production lines.

Our core philosophy centres around the concept of well-considered, extensively researched, and meticulously engineered solutions. Leveraging our accumulated experience, vast knowledge, and unyielding commitment, we strive to fabricate machinery that not only meets but surpasses international standards.

Our commitment manifests in the form of top-tier quality, equipment designed for low maintenance, and a visually pleasing aesthetic. Boasting a collective experience of over a century within the packaging industry, we instil confidence in the calibre of both our equipment and the accompanying service you can anticipate to receive.


To be a globally respected and trusted supplier in the packaging industry


Offering innovative packaging solutions to the global market through quality products and superior service


We exist to create a competitive advantage for our clients to help them grow


As a manufacturer your biggest worry after a multi-million Rand equipment purchase, is the after-sale service and the integration of the solution into your operations. This is something Filkraft does very well.

Enoch Qua-Enoo Director

“Filkraft; superior quality equipment and an awesome team to work with! Excellent in providing solutions and always prepared to go the extra mile!”

Jacques Coetzer

"Filkraft has been a valuable partner by providing solutions for complex packaging lines in our factory. They offer quick and friendly after sales service and are always willing to resolve problems that arise during projects."

Jasper Beukes Plant Engineer

"Since installing the Filkraft Dairy Filling Line with K200 Filling and Capping Machine in August 2019, there has been a big improvement in cost saving, productivity and downtime. Excellent after sales service and back -up support and a great team to work with."

Martin Grey Plant Manager

Very happy and honoured to do business with Filkraft PTY LTD. We are a relatively new company in the industry and the Filkraft team were unbelievable. They took their time to explain every step of the machinery in detail with us before we purchased it.

N.A. Mahomed CEO