The Benefits Of Using Glass Bottle Equipment

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Benefits Of Using An Automatic Filling Machine

Purchasing high-quality packaging and processing equipment and capping equipment for bottles will take your business to the next level, with fast and efficient production as well as a high rate of function.

Bottles are not just found in stores, they are designed, filled with liquid, capped and then stored and sent to retail stores.

The process is long, and for some may be confusing, but by focusing on a few aspects, the use of packaging and processing equipment and capping equipment for bottles, you will be able to better understand this industry.

Packaging and processing refer to the insertion of liquid into a glass bottle.

These are specifically designed machines which are able to quickly and efficiently fill the bottle at the right temperature and at the right level.

Capping equipment for bottles will put the cap on each bottle, closing the space and keeping in the gas, if there is, while ultimately still keeping the liquid fresh for consumption.

Both of this equipment are vital as they ensure that all of the liquids we drink are safe and uncontaminated.

Automatic filing machines also provide a much easier way of packing your bottles.

Here are 5 benefits to using these machines including, a faster rate of production, reliability and consistency, flexibility, simplicity and upgradability:

Faster Rate Of Production

Having the automated packaging and processing equipment system means that you are able to create thousands of bottles of your drink every day, selling them to stores in the masses, while increasing the amount of profit you make.

Packaging and processing equipment has come a long way in terms of its efficiency and reliability.

There was a time where bottles were filled by hand, with production being very slow.

On top of this, the risk of contaminants finding its way in the bottle was much higher than it is today.

Today, with automated packaging and processing equipment, bottles can be filled around the clock, with roughly 120 bottles being packed every minute.

Reliability and Consistency

Packaging and processing equipment has been designed in order to execute your specifications to perfection.

Whether it is based on weight, liquid level or volume, the equipment is able to perfectly pack every single bottle up.

Having a machine which is consistent is a sure way to get as much produce ready for sale as possible.

Packaging and processing equipment decreases the amount of wastage which will save you resources.


If you are a business which has many different products then using packaging and processing equipment to fill your bottles will allow you to expand your market.

The benefit of purchasing certain packaging and processing equipment is that it can be very versatile in that it is not simply made to only fill a certain liquid into a bottle.

Many of these machines are actually able to fill a variety of different bottle shapes all with different products.

This makes it a lot easier to diversify your market as you will be able to make an array of products, at the same time, all while using a single packaging and processing equipment.


The need for highly skilled employees in order to operate the equipment is really not needed as the controls and set up is as uncomplicated as it can get.

Packaging and processing equipment has been designed to be assembled and configured for use in the shortest amount of time.

Small changes and adjustments to the system will ensure it is ready to be used for specific bottles or to pack certain liquids.

In most cases, the system has presets which allows for a quick touch of a button where the packaging and processing equipment will begin to operate as commanded.


Packaging and processing equipment is made to work for you not the other way around.

Packaging and processing equipment is made to pack liquids into a bottle in a consistent and efficient way.

On top of this, it has been designed in a way which allows anyone to be able to programme it to switch from one bottle size and liquid content to another in a short space of time.

Where there are good features, another bonus is that they are created in a way which allows for an easier process of upgrading and improving them, at a lower cost than previous equipment and in a much faster way.

The Benefits Of Using Glass Jars And Bottles For Packaging

Glass has been used for years as a way of containing liquids, both thick or thin, while also being able to keep items cooler for longer.

Packaging and processing equipment works very well with glass-based bottles as they are able to be moved in and out of the system holding their shape much better than plastic bottles.

Where many may think glass bottles are objects which break easily, they are in fact quite strong, even with the thickness being decreased.

Their environmental impact is much lower than plastic-based bottles which helps in decreasing the environmental pollution we are under.

Environmental Impact

Reducing the energy expenditure will help in reducing the overall environmental impact of your business, which is important in all industries for our earth.

As mentioned above glass bottles still hold their strength even if the thickness of the bottle is decreased.

The benefit here is that more bottles can be made, and most importantly the bottles that are made require less energy to be developed.

Glass bottles are far more reusable than plastic bottles which will decrease the amount of wastage and pollution which is destroying our earth.

Packaging and processing equipment is able to be used at a faster rate as well as there are more bottles to be packed.

Top Quality Branding

Glass in essence brands itself as it can be used over and over again while not losing its foundation.

This includes both glass jars and bottles which, when recycled, retains its quality for more than plastic-based bottles.

As a business, making it known that you can recycle the bottles, which will be reused and repackaged by the packaging and processing equipment, will reduce the need to produce newer bottles and will increase the rate at which present glass bottles are being used.

This benefits the environment to such a degree as less energy is needed to produce millions of glass bottles every year.

Far More Healthier

As mentioned before, glass-based bottles and jars are able to be used and reused at a higher rate than plastic bottles.

The packaging and processing equipment plays a part in if these bottles hold any contaminants, however, plastic bottles can only be reused so many times before it needs to be replaced.

Plastic bottles are replaced at a much larger rate than glass bottles and are actually far more likely to hold contaminants than glass-based products.

In some cases, the chemicals contained in plastic-based bottles can be to filter into the liquid which can have detrimental health consequences.

Packaging And Processing Carbonated Drinks

Choosing the right packaging and processing equipment will save you from wasting liquid where the carbonation process fails because of too much air intake.

Carbonated drinks can either be alcoholic or non-alcoholic liquids which will be packed into a bottle using specially designed packaging and processing equipment including the use of specific valves.

Using the different valves and carbonated systems will ensure that the bottle is filled with the liquid while keeping the amount of air intake in the bottle at a minimum.

Capping equipment for bottles is also very important as they help in decreasing the chance of too much air being filled in the bottle.

The reason for this is that air will decrease the amount of carbonation, which will leave the product tasting flat, which will dissatisfy the consumer.

4 Ways To Find The Perfect Capping Equipment For Bottles

Capping equipment for bottles like many other items can come in all shapes and sizes, some with functions that other equipment might not have.

In some cases, there are capping equipment for bottles which have functions which are not needed as there are other ways of packing and capping.

Choosing the right capping equipment can be difficult as what you are always looking for is efficiency and reliability.

On top of this, you are looking for practicability as if you buy a system with all of these many functions, where you don’t need them, you’ve wasted your time and money on the investment.

There are four questions which you can ask in order to start searching for the right capping equipment, namely, what type of bottles will be used, what type of cap will be used, what are your production needs and what type of growth do you want:

What Type Of Bottles Will Be Used?

We understand that you are interested in buying equipment for your capping process, however, take a step back and focus on the type of bottle you will be capping.

This approach will benefit you as it allows you to look at the entire picture. If you are using slender glass bottles or big glass jars, the caps needed will be different in terms of size and thickness.

Some bottles will be using screw caps where others need snap caps. Capping equipment for bottles might only be a niche for specific bottles and others can provide different capping for different types.

Focus on what your product is, how you are going to package your liquid, before going out and buying any capping equipment.

What Type Of Cap Will Be Used?

Now that you understand that your specific packaging uses different capping, you can look at what type of capping you would prefer, or at least what type of capping would work best for you.

Your capping equipment for bottles has different functions for different capping processes with different methods of actually capping coming into play.

If you want your product to be sealed as screwing, snapping or chucking, then there are different techniques which different capping equipment uses.

A big thing to think about, which goes back to looking at the bottle, is what exactly will the bottle need to package the product the right way.

This comes down to ensuring that your customers will enjoy the beverage at its highest quality.

What Are Your Production Needs?

Capping equipment for bottles can be pricey, which means that really doing the work in researching what you need rather than what you want will benefit your business.

Looking at your facility, how many bottles you cap presently and the demand for your product, will help you to see which capping equipment will be better suited for you.

Take stock of what you produce currently and this will indicate to you what will best serve your business. If you don’t need automatic capping equipment then don’t buy it.

You will be using resources on something which is going to be undervalued and wasting money where it could be used on other products.

What Type Of Growth do You Want?

This is another factor for any business. You don’t want to stay the same size forever, growth and development need to be done in order for your business to become an industry leader.

Where buying equipment which works with where your business is currently, looking at which capping equipment for bottles will help to boost your efficiency and reliability will go a long way.

Working with a supplier such as Filkraft allows you to see where you are as well as where you wanna be.

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