Product Review: K800 Series Bottle Unscrambler

Product Review K800 Series Bottle Unscrambler | Filkraft

Product Review K800 Series Bottle Unscrambler

The K800 Series bottle unscrambling machine offers a cost effective, efficient solution for sorting and organising bottles on a production line. With less of a requirement for changeable parts, full speed control and less reliance on resources, it is the ideal addition to bottling plants of all sizes and complexities. Let’s take a closer look at why this is the case:

Better and Easier Speed control

Pinpoint speed control across a few functions makes the K800 a serious contender, sporting a rotating bottle reject with speed control, a dramatic reduction in changeover times and an increase in production speeds, as well as a single motor and gearbox that eliminates complicated setup speed adjustment.

No Need for Change Parts

Adjustable positioning on almost all of its systems minimizes the need for change parts, and also allows for the handling of a wide variety of bottle types, shapes and sizes.

Better for Bottles & the Environment

The K800 is light on resources and soft on the actual bottles being sorted. It uses only a little bit of compressed air and operates on a 220V single phase power supply. This makes it remarkably environmentally friendly, and also means that it incurs reduced operational costs, and can save a fortune in the long run as a result.

Additionally, it is designed with the protection of bottles in mind. An angled sorting bin ensures that bottles stay protected from damage throughout the process of sorting, resulting in the elimination of lost or wasted stock.

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