Conveyor systems

Conveyor systems

Filkraft designs and supplies specialised packaging conveyor systems that significantly streamline the packaging process of facilities from several industries.

Depending on the needs, design and challenges faced by your facility, we take an approach to optimising your processes with rotary conveyor machines that are geared towards efficiency, accuracy and economy.

We can provide you with the solution your facility requires, depending on the types and weights of packaging materials that it needs to move.

We also take into account the size of your facility and the complexity of your operations, to provide a solution that fits seamlessly with your business, to enhance its workflow, cost-effectiveness and bottom line.

Options, depending on your needs, include slatband conveyors, roller conveyors, and air conveyors. Find out more below.


These belt conveyors are ideal for bottles and light products. These create endless chains as part of a rotary conveyor system to enhance efficiency.

Slats available in plastic or steel ensure that the belt is undamaged by carrying objects with sharp edges or excessive weight.


By turning a single shaft beneath a roller when a conveyed object passes over it, roller conveyors can transfer objects of up to approximately 50kg. In terms of packaging, they are ideal for cardboard boxes.


Air conveyor systems offer the ideal solution for packaging, especially where lightweight materials are concerned. As the name suggests, these systems use air to move materials, and can do so at high speeds if required.

Another major advantage of air conveyors when compared to other packaging conveyor systems, is that they have fairly low energy requirements, since only a small volume of air, which only requires a low pressure, is needed to move materials.


If you would like to know more about our offers on packaging conveyor systems, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Filkraft today. If you would like details about our other offers, we invite you to keep browsing through our website for more about our packaging and filling machine solutions.